Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Good Morning Mobilitéit!

A little good transportation news (or, good transportation news from a little country?)……..
Yes, we could all use some good news.  How about a brand-new, spiffy-looking tram in Luxembourg!
The new tram – very reminiscent of the Strasbourg tram – connects several major activity centers, including the expo center, university, European institutions, etc.  In a few years the line will extend to the city center, main railway station, and airport.
Two new regional rail stations interconnect with the tram, one requiring a funicular connection.
Of course, being Europe, the plan also includes bus connections, a bikeway, bike lockers, and electric vehicle chargers.  The whole scheme is packaged as “Good Morning Mobilitéit!” (“mobility” in Luxembourgish – website here)
Speaking of Luxembourgish, I love the video (here) narrated in that little-known language.  (The subtitles are in French, and if that doesn’t help, the video works anyway!)  Another introductory video can be found here.
The cars are very sleek and modern and look like they fit perfectly with a city that combines old-world charm and ultramodern institutions (again like Strasbourg).
The modern European tram combines features of what in the US we would call light rail and streetcars. 

Some day maybe we can have good things here too!

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