Thursday, February 21, 2013

Congrats to Georgetown Climate Center for a great workshop!

Congratulations to Georgetown Climate Center (Vicki Arroyo, Kate Zyla, Cassie Powers, Chris Coyle, and company) for a great work workshop on energy and climate change (see website for more info – day two tomorrow).
My favorite part was the panel on electric vehicles.  Good to see that folks are optimistic and moving forward, despite some negative press and various hurdles.
Anthony Eggert gave the view from California, still the leader in clean air, while Mike Robinson (GM) gave a manufacturer’s point of view (very bullish on his cars!).  Christine Kirby recounted the successful work done on EVs by the Transportation and Climate Initiative, a subject dear to my heart.  (If you’re not familiar with TCI, it’s a unique and exciting collaborative of the transportation, energy, and environment agencies of the 12 northeast states + DC.)  My most favorite part was hearing Tonia Buell of Washington state DOT and Eric Heineman of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s office talk about the real EV networks they have put in the ground – matching EV-dense metro areas with strategically spaced fast chargers on interstate routes.  All done through collaborative planning processes.  Good stuff!  I think this is what it will take to make EVs really viable for all-purpose travel.
I was hoping Gina McCarthy (USEPA) would tell us what the President meant in the State of the Union by saying he would direct executive agencies to come up with climate change plans if Congress doesn’t (a pretty good bet).  But alas that shoe didn’t drop.

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