Friday, June 28, 2013

New poll shows strong public support for greenhouse gas action

Following the President’s Georgetown speech on climate change, the Georgetown Climate Center has released the results of new polling which shows very strong public support for EPA action to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
According to the GCC poll, 87% of the public “want the EPA to move forward with action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and large industries.”
(GCC press release here, polling memo here, my earlier thoughts on the President’s speech here.)
Perhaps even more striking is the finding that a majority of those polled (53%) would favor a federal carbon tax, provided the revenues were invested in “less polluting alternatives.”  Support drops off if revenues were to be used for other purposes, although even the least popular alternative – using the revenues to offset income taxes – gets plurality support.  (See my thoughts on carbon taxes and transportation here.)
For me, this polling reinforces my belief that the American public is ready to face the challenges  - and opportunities – of the 21st century if they are given enlightened leadership. 

Kudos to Georgetown Climate Center for the timely poll!

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