Friday, November 8, 2013

Congrats to Tri-State Transportation Campaign!

Congratulations to Tri-State Transportation Campaign on 20 years of successful advocacy for sustainable transportation policies in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut!
If you aren’t familiar with Tri-State’s work, check out their website (here) and their blog (here).
The honorees for their recent 20th anniversary bash were:
Board members Rich Kassel, Charles Komanoff, Jim Tripp, and Jeff Zupan,
AARP New Jersey, for advocacy of safer streets,
Patty Woodworth, Action Wheels Bike Shop, Deptford, NJ, for bike/ped safety advocacy,
And – my favorite – New Jersey DOT, Commissioner Jim Simpson and my old friend Sheree Davis, for successful implementation of Complete Streets programs in the Garden State.

Best luck for another successful 20 years!

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