Monday, January 27, 2014

Tesla Superchargers now Coast-to-Coast!

Tesla’s developing network of Superchargers – their proprietary, free, fast charging stations – now features its first Coast-to-Coast route!  Tesla owners can now get quick recharges at convenient stopping points (rest areas, restaurants, etc.) that will enable them to travel from New York to LA (as well as up and down both coasts) with minimal inconvenience (story here).  Tesla announced their national network less than a years ago (my story here), so they appear to be on track to cover 80 percent of the US in 2014. 
Supercharger stations are already evolving from minimal parking-space-and-connector locations (like the Milford CT site shown below, one of the earliest) to incorporate solar power canopies and (soon) even faster chargers.

Once again, Tesla is breaking the trail, and we can only hope that the “Tesla effect” will inspire other private-sector actors – as well as public agencies – to pick up the pace.

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