Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well Done, Jim Weinstein!

We are sorry to see that Jim Weinstein is leaving his post as executive director at NJ Transit after a four-year tour of duty (story here).  Jim has done a great job in one of the toughest postings in transportation, made even tougher during his tenure by funding challenges, Sandy, and the Super Bowl.  He had already done a stint in one of the other demanding jobs in the business: New Jersey Commissioner of Transportation.
(For those not familiar with New Jersey transportation, NJ Transit is a statewide agency operating a vast network of commuter rail lines, light rail lines, and commuter and local buses throughout the state.  Executive Director of NJT is a bigtime job, in a constant spotlight from the legislature, the press, and the public.)
New Jersey has a reputation for a brash, arrogant style in its leaders (you may be able to think of a recent example), but this reputation has always been exaggerated at best.  Jim Weinstein has been a very effective CEO who has always demanded excellence in the organizations he has led.  But he has also been a true gentleman, a real role model of integrity, vision, mutual respect, and loyalty.  In situations where others would be tempted to push the panic button, Jim always manages to stay calm and focused, helped by a great sense of humor!
We’ll miss Jim at the helm of NJT, but I have no doubt he will find another avenue of service soon.

Well done, Jim!

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