Thursday, July 3, 2014

KC Country Club Plaza: Next Train Arrives in ……………….?

Construction has at last begun on a starter segment of the Kansas City streetcar line (website here).  The good news is that at least something approaching modern transit has been started in one of the nation’s largest metros lacking rapid transit.  Unfortunately, it’s not nearly what’s needed and even this half-measure is controversial and may fail (background to controversy here).  And although there are many high-quality activity centers along the route (Union Station, Crown Center, Country Club Plaza, UMKC) the streetrunning cars will only come close to many of them and will travel slowly, in mixed traffic.
Country Club Plaza is a terrific urban, mixed-use, transit-ready destination, but the streetcar will be a critical few blocks away from the center (below).  And who knows when it will come?  It’s not on the starter segment.

At least it’s a start.  Good luck KC!

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