Friday, August 8, 2014

Bike tech in Copenhagen: A lot more than green paint

In most towns in this country we don’t do a very good job of prioritizing bicycle transportation – despite the many benefits of a bigger mode share for bikes.  The bike share systems springing up around the country have been a great success, but the rest of what passes for bike infrastructure usually consists of some green paint and “share the road” signs at best.  (Sharing the road often meaning sharing a potholed free-for-all with 18-wheelers, racing taxi drivers, and drivers talking on cellphones!)

Thanks to Gizmodo (here) for showing us the latest from Copenhagen, where good planning and design really work for bikes.  Some of these solutions are relatively expensive, like bike-only bridges.  Others harness relatively inexpensive technology.  I especially like the “green wave” of LED lights letting bicyclists know they are moving at a pace that will give them a green signal at upcoming traffic lights.  Lots more to do here in the U.S.!

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