Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wisconsin at a transportation “fork in the road”

Wisconsin has reached a critical crossroads in transportation.  In one direction (continuing the metaphor) lies the way of widening freeways, starving transit, and enabling sprawl.  In the other direction?  Repairing the legacy system, building a real 21st century system, and meeting the real challenges and needs of the future.
Leading the way toward the 21st century solution is WISPIRG, which has put out a series of reports pointing out the changed travel patterns of Wisconsinites (especially Millennials) and advocating that WisDOT take the bundle of money it is planning to spend on four megahighway projects and put it to better use (see their Fork in the Road report here).  One of these projects (full disclosure: I am helping them out on this one) is a major widening – including a double-decker section – of I-94 in Milwaukee.  A real 1980s solution!
Fortunately, WISPIRG is getting traction in their campaign.  See director Bruce Speight’s interview on the state’s top talk show here.

Congrats to Bruce and WISPIRG for providing a much-need “turn signal!”

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