Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day 2014!

Another Earth Day, with another set of uneven indicators of progress.  But let’s leave aside the glum indicators from the political sector (in the US) and smile at the technological progress in renewables.  You may seen reports on the new UN study (available here) which shows real advances on that front.  My favorite sentence: “Sharply falling prices for solar panels and wind turbines meant renewable energies in 2013 accounted for over 43% of new generating capacity globally while raising the share of renewables to 8.5% of the global electricity supply.”
One supposes that it’s this news that has various fossil fuel corporations and Flat Earth politicians looking for ways to penalize users of renewable energy.
Although the UN report mentions the transportation sector only tangentially, there is an important connection.  Electrifying transportation makes sense for a lot of reasons.  But to get the maximum impact on greenhouse gas emissions, that electrification needs to be based increasingly on no-carbon/low-carbon energy generation.

Let’s look forward to an even better Earth Day in 2015!

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