Monday, April 28, 2014

Maryland House in spring

The new Maryland House rest stop is beginning to look cheerier now that we actually seem to have a spring in the Northeast.  The new facility has a lot to be said for it (as it should for $30 million).  This is reputedly the busiest rest stop in the entire US, so it’s important to get it right.
Just a few thoughts:
·      The traffic pattern needs work.  Although it may have made sense on paper, I found myself having a difficult time finding the pathway back to I-95.  Lots of possibilities for conflicts.
·      The traffic info panel is good, but still not doing what I think technology can do for us.  We need to get to real multimedia, interactive displays with more information and more razz-ma-tazz.
·      Why is the tourist information area so much smaller than the old one was?
·      Interesting to see that the landscaped strip leading to the front door (which looks like it was designed just as a partition in the parking field) has been converted by the traveling public into a green pedestrian pathway!

All in all, Maryland has done a good job with the new facility.  I just miss the old Maryland House, a rather picturesque and sentimental landmark for many of us for many years.

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