Thursday, March 7, 2013

“Plugless and wireless” takes another step forward in Germany

Bombardier is putting its “plugless and wireless” charging system for electric vehicles to the test in Mannheim, Germany (Wired story here) on select bus routes.  Electric buses will be charged using magnetic chargers in the pavement at bus stops that only become activated when the vehicle stops on top of them.  The system is safer and less unsightly than catenary wires (or certainly third rails) while extending the range of vehicles.  Bombardier is already in field trials for the same system (PRIMOVE) for trams in the German city of Augsburg.  Plugless and wireless charging has been experimented with for automobiles and trucks but it’s not clear how big a deal that will be.  For buses and light rail (when running in streets) it looks like a real winner!

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